About Us

The worldwide cyber security landscape is changing and evolving at a rapid speed. On a daily basis, companies see the traumatic effects of massive data breaches and unauthorized intrusions. These cyber threats can damage a company's reputation, shake consumer confidence, and frighten away investors. Companies without strong information security can find themselves distracted from their core competencies, unable to remain profitable, and may become the unwanted targets of governmental regulators. Today, cyber security is a necessary consideration for any organization to succeed in the global marketplace.

Global Information Security Strategies is a consulting firm delivering best practice cyber security solutions. Our core cyber security focus is delivering information security, information assurance, and network defense consulting to private sector and government clients throughout the United States and worldwide. Our consulting practice addresses a broad portfolio of information security, information assurance, and network defense solutions. We help our clients to create security processes that fit their needs, environment, and corporate culture. We provide the expertise that gives our clients confidence in their cyber security posture. Our clients have come to rely on us to rapidly provide the highest quality service.

Staying abreast of the dizzying array of cyber security threats exceeds the resources of most companies. This is why organizations around the world rely on Global Information Security Strategies to provide solutions to their toughest cyber security problems. For many companies, it makes sense from both a time and a money perspective to hire outside consultants to handle their cyber security challenges rather than distract themselves from their profitable core business processes. Our elite team of consultants combine strong business acumen, technical excellence, structured decision making, and continuous innovation to stay on the cutting edge of cyber security on behalf of our clients.

Based out of New York City, Global Information Security Strategies works with clients across the globe. Our clients trust us to quickly and efficiently provide best of breed solutions. In stark contrast to large consulting firms with slow and bloated organizational structures, GISS rapidly leverages key experts in various fields of cyber security to respond to client needs with cutting edge agility and focus. We deliver the best solutions quickly and always exceed our clients' expectations.

Global Information Security Strategies works constantly to expand its knowledge base by engaging with industry leading experts to obtain unique and relevant perspectives. Our dedication to research and first-hand insight at the forefront of information security, information assurance, and network defense allows GISS to provide our clients with the most current and relevant perspectives on the evolution of the cyber threat environment. This unique perspective allows us to deliver the highest quality value added consulting to clients across industry sectors and geographic regions.

We see our clients as more than customers - we see them as partners in cyber security. Our elite team of consultants is committed to technical excellence, continuous innovation, and unwavering integrity. Our strong customer-centric solutions give our clients confidence that their information security, information assurance, and network defense processes are secure and ready for business. Click here to learn more about our consulting solutions.